We let our users know what’s happening around their location and let them book tickets online. We have invested great amount of time in researching requirements and implemented a unique and easy platform that enables event organizers/users post events, promote and sell out tickets online in minutes.

Planning to host an event?
  • Add your event
  • Promote & Sell Tickets
  • Invite Sponsors and make your event a success
  • Do it yourself, Know how it works?


We inform our users about Movies, Photos, Videos, Show Times and more.  We have built technology that enables Movie Producers promote their movies directly and reach out to Indians around world and Exhibitors can use our platform to post show times and sell tickets online in minutes.

Are you a Producer?
  • Add your Movies & Post Movie content
  • Interact with Audience
  • Powerful tools to Promote Movies, Invite Distributors and Track movie performance
  • Do it yourself, Know how it works?
Are you a Distributor?
  • Get invited by Producers for Premiere shows
  • Powerful tools to Promote Movies and Track movie performance
  • Do it yourself, Know how it works?
Are you an Exhibitor?
  • Promote Movies
  • Post Show Times & Sell Tickets
  • Do it yourself, Know how it works?


Where ever you are, whatever you need, all you need to do is browse through our classified listings or post a classified. In this section you can post your classifieds for free and you can search through the classifieds posted by users.

Yellow Pages

Are you looking for something in your city? And don’t know where to find. Here is your one stop solution. ReachNRI provides a better way to find a business in your city. Don’t worry, even if you haven’t found much information that helps you make a better decision. Use our Free Quote Service forms and get what you need in minutes.

Welcome to ReachNRI is a global, interactive online platform to provide services to Indians around world with one thing in mind, where ever Indians are and what ever they want to do, we would like to be there to assist and help them make a better decision.

It is an online portal, specifically targeted at Indian people who are staying away from India and those who are aspiring to go abroad. It is developed by Sayeon, based in A.P, India, and Texas, USA. is currently available in 29 countries and our users are growing every day.

On, you can do Yellow Pages Business Search, Post Classifieds, know what you need to know about food, festivals, travel and living life abroad and also about what’s happening around you whether it’s about movies, events, news, real estate or about latest deals.

Our team has invested great amount of time in researching requirements and implementing this unique and easy to use platform to provide better services to Indians around world. We will continue to keep working diligently to keep our users informed with quality content. We are confident to say that our effort will keep our users stay tuned to us and let us be part of their life. Welcome to, A new beginning!