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Advertise With ReachNRI is developed to address needs of Indians around world and helps our users in their day to day life. Click here to read more about us. We try diligently to provide quality content and useful information to our users and thus bring our users stay tuned to us every day. This leads to interesting opportunities for advertisers to reach out to Indians around world.


Do it yourself: No calls required to advertise with us, Just Click & Post.
Unbelievably low cost and no matter what! You pay only once in a year per your Advertisement.
You can update your ad, as many times as you want during advertisement period.
You can use our standard tools to track Ad response.
We are Simple & Easy to use.

You can reach Indians around world with your advertising message, and tailor your message to meet regional or national targets deliver advertising messages with precision thanks to IP and profile-based demographic targeting get detailed feedback on the effectiveness of your advertising spend advertise in creative, dynamic ways that directly appeal to Indians around world. Integrate your brand directly into people’s everyday online experiences.

Reaching the Market is developed to cater to needs of Indians around world across all ages with interest in different ReachNRI sections.First step in planning a successful promotion is to identify which one of advertising opportunity best suits your requirement and follow steps accordingly.
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Yellow Page Search Advertising

Yellow Page Search Advertising with ReachNRI puts your Business information in front of consumers who are actively seeking information about your business, products and services. Business owners can add every detail about their business including deals to promote their business. Our unique search technology is developed to provide visibility based on the listing type they choose. Our relevant search results deliver the clicks that count. This is suitable for Business owners.
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to read more about listing business with us.
Self Service advertising

With Self Service Advertising, you can integrate your brand into our site. Users can see your brand on our pages, they don’t have to search or do anything. All you have to do is use our self service AdWizard and follow few simple steps, here they are

1. Identify target audience based on their location and your interested segment
2.  Create your Ad
3.  Pay and start promoting!

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Campaign Requests

If you believe your advertising needs stretch beyond our Self Service platform or requires custom care, feel free to contact our Sales colleagues via our
Campaign Request Form.
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